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To attend one of my cooking classes you definitely do not have to eat vegan or even vegetarian. It can be because you would like to integrate more vegetables, eat less meat, or simply learn how to prepare healthy AND delicious meals that do not take more than 30 minutes. Most of my recipes are very adaptable (season, personal preferences and country) and invite to get creative.

The workshops either take place at your home, in a rented room or at my place in Zug. If you would like to gift a workshop to someone, please contact me and I will prepare a voucher.

You will learn how to create delicious and filling vegan dishes that you can easily integrate in your daily life, what is useful to know for a balanced vegan nutrition, how to preserve vitamins while cooking, cutting techniques, vegan replacements, and other tips and tricks. You are welcome to indicate your wishes, which will then be incorporated.


Please let me know if you have any allergies in advance. All dishes are free of refined sugar.

If you are interested in a cooking class or workshop in your city please feel free to contact me via E-Mail and we can make it happen.
I am looking forward to meet you.

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