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If you can't afford this E-Book, please write me an E-Mail ( and I will send you a free copy. Wealth is spread unfairly around the world, so don't be shy to tell me your story. I want everybody to be able to eat healthier and enjoy food as much as I do.


Loved all the vegan dishes from Debora, they are so amazingly tasty and made with lots of love, I am gonna keep her cookbook definitely handy in the kitchen!
- Gisela

Debora was a major influence on my choice of embracing veggie and vegan food. She showed me that it can be tasty, rich in nutrients, creative, accessible to everyone and support my body in functioning well and maintaining high energy levels.
- Sânzio

Debora makes the most delicious vegan food, with passion and creativity! What I love most is her refreshing ability to combine styles from different parts of the world. With her attentive and kind personality she made me want to explore more, so I purchased her cookbook :)
- Lea

Debora opened the doors to the world of amazing vegan food for me. Even though I’m non-vegan and pretty picky with my dishes, she managed to surprise me with the taste and quality of her meal. . I’m still dreaming about cinnamon ice cream… Can’t believe it’s vegan and soo delicious.
- Polina

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No matter whether you eat vegan or are temporarily seeking an alternative, every dish in this book is a pleasurable experience. You will learn how to take care of your body and soul with healthy food. I share my favourite recipes such as tiramisu, tom yum, refreshing and filling salads, countless delicious sauces such as tzatziki, aromatic drinks such as lassi, and several basic recipes such as bread, yogurt, and kimchi.

You can prepare most dishes in 30 minutes or less, and most recipes contain lots of tips on how to change the dish based on your personal preferences. The book’s focus is balanced whole food. My recipes contain neither refined sugar nor unhealthy oils. Some recipes are gluten-free or can be made gluten-free. The same applies for soy and nuts.


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Buy PRINTED version in ENGLISH
Buy PRINTED version in GERMAN