Eating healthy and balanced is not always easy; especially in the beginning.

In addition to putting in some effort, it also requires the right knowledge. But what is true in a world full of contradicting theories? After studying this topic intensively for years, I can say the following:

The importance of fiber is underestimated. Dietary fiber is incredibly important because it serves as food for our beneficial gut bacteria. When we eat fiber, we cultivate beneficial gut bacteria. Short chain fatty acids are typically produced by our microbiome as a by-product of fermenting dietary fiber in the colon. These have an anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effect and migrate to the brain, where they improve learning and memory.

Animal products do NOT contain fiber. Which foods do? Vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

No matter if you eat vegan, vegetarian or everything: If you are trying to fill 50 % off your plate with vegetables, this is a first great step.

But beware: If you suffer from constipation and start adding more fibre, you will feel even worse. The reason for this is that when you are constipated, the fibre simply remains and ferments, creating even more gas. Methane gas slows down motility (vicious circle). The solution is to focus on restoring a healthy rhythm before increasing fibre intake.

Many people who are not used to eating a lot of fibre react in the beginning to legumes in particular with gas and bloating. It is therefore very important to start slowly in order to train your gut. Over time, you will have more gut bacteria that specialise in digesting legumes. However, there are many tricks for reducing bloating.

Since the digestive capacity is strongest at midday (10:00-14:00), nutrients can best be absorbed at this time, which supply the body with energy for the rest of the day. At lunchtime, try to eat the largest meal with lots of nutrients.

I'm here to make your path to health as easy as possible. The recipes below focus on a whole food plant-based nutrition.

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